HOA Board Responsibilities in Greenville, South Carolina

HOA Board Responsibilities in Greenville, South Carolina

Homeowners associations do a lot to make a neighborhood a great place to live, and 53% of occupied households in America are currently in HOA communities.

An HOA board can do a lot for residents by taking on a range of responsibilities. To have a real impact, each member needs to know what their duties are. They can also seek assistance from an association manager to help ensure they can cover everything.

In this guide, we'll take a look at the responsibilities of different HOA board members in Greenville, South Carolina. Keep reading for more.


The President's main responsibility is overseeing most of the decision-making within the HOA. They often have the final say in what happens. They also delegate to committees to ensure things are handled by suitable individuals.

Someone should only be in this position if they have the right experience and qualifications. This includes a thorough understanding of bylaws, regulations, and operations of the association.

Presidents conduct all HOA meetings. Finally, they need to ensure the HOA is working as efficiently as it can.

Vice President

The vice president has very similar responsibilities to the president as they need to assume that role if the president is unable to do so. This could happen if the president is sick, on vacation/traveling, or otherwise not able to fulfill their regular responsibilities.

Generally, when the President is there, they'll delegate tasks to the vice president. A vice president will ideally have a similar level of knowledge regarding association bylaws. This will allow them to keep things running smoothly and assist community members when needed.


The secretary is primarily responsible for all record-keeping and documentation within the HOA. This includes ensuring the association stays compliant at all times. They must submit any forms before deadlines and ensure the board follows all legal requirements.

They need to provide notice of all meetings, distribute essential documentation to other board members, and take minutes during meetings. The Secretary must also review all official documents to make sure records are kept up to date.


The treasurer is in charge of looking after association funds and ensuring they're properly disbursed. A key part of this is keeping records of current funds and all relevant transactions.

These can include operational costs, bills, and the collection/allocation of HOA fees. The treasurer must create the annual budget taking into account unplanned expenses and approved investments.

They need to keep other board members informed on financial situations, especially any discrepancies that come up. All of this must be done within compliance, so many HOA boards hire association managers to help ensure there are no issues here.

Maintaining an Effective HOA Board

The HOA board in any community has a lot of responsibilities. Even if they're fully qualified, it can still be difficult for them to get everything right at all times. An association management company can help support an HOA community.

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